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A very important blinking Terri in short shorts.

Probably gonna clean this up a bit later, just wanted to try doing some sprites since I’m gonna be doing a ton….

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From today’s Bright Side.

I’ve been waiting YEARS to get to some of the stuff that’s about to go down… Also this color palette was such a pain to work with, but this scene is important, so I wanted to go all out for a few pages.

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Here’s Egret not having very much fun, from today’s comic.

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I keep forgetting to post promos, but the comics are still going up on schedule.

Here’s some disagreeable girls getting along, from this weeks comic.

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All of my sketchbooks are all full of bullshit like this, but I usually try to avoid sharing anything resembling poetry anymore, so I’m passing it off as a layout/typesetting exercise like maybe no one will notice, bye.

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From today’s comic!

Stormcloud doesn’t make a lot of appearances in this arc, but I’m really fond of this outfit of his. Let’s all just take a moment to appreciate Stormcloud’s fashion choices…

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New Bright Side, every friday starting today!

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The Bright Side is returning from its long slumber soon.

Here’s the inks and non-animated version of this one.

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some robo

One time my nose started bleeding while I was playing The Last of Us with a bunch of friends and I was just really impressed by the amount of blood that was happening.

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A quick September for September :)

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A somewhat old painting I finally got around to finishing recently.

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A drawing from a few months ago of Rohan wearing a sweater from Vera Wang’s Princess collection.

I’ll be at SPX in Bethesda next month with books and prints and original art and buttons galore! Drop by table f12a to say hi and buy some stuff :)