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Long overdue fanart of Yajiro aka #1 frogbro.

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I haven’t really figured out whether I find Kite attractive or if I just really like his design and I feel kind of weird about it ??? He’s super fun to draw though.

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I appreciate classic fashion statements like denim jackets and live insects.

I keep letting myself get talked into watching shows that make me cry a lot.

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~beach attire~

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Drawing foliage calms me.

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I finally got around to catching up with Bob’s Burgers recently.

My favorite handsome man-rat.

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roses @_@

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oooh ooooooh Sailor Mooooooon

I hadn’t realized that my paypal wasn’t set up correctly and people couldn’t actually order from my store. It’s fixed now, so you can actually buy things, yay~

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My friend was trying to convince me that I’m not as lame as I think I am, but it wasn’t very effective. One of these days, I’ll actually get around to reading the last two Harry Potter books, and then maybe this will make sense to me.

One time my friend and I had some time to kill before catching our train, so she bought me a drink in Greek Town and I spent the entire train ride home rambling about Dio turning Jonathan into one of his mancats, and now it’s just a topic that comes up every time we’re on a train (or drinking).

For some reason I was thinking about Green Baby growing up like a normal human and living a really mudane life and like hanging out with Giorno and stuff ??? I don’t know ???????????

Some more sketchbook stuff.