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I’ve been spending way too much time just redrawing the same panels and then still not liking them, so I thought I’d get a change of pace and draw something dumb.


In case anyone wanted to watch a kind of boring video of me inking.

Mad dash to finish this comic by the end of the month \(@_@)/

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My workspace is getting a little, uhhhh……..

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I figured I’d post some of what I’m currently working on so I’m not just toiling away in silence all month.

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Sketchbook Giorno.

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More things I finally got around to scanning.

Rohan posing like me for some reason….

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I didn’t forget, it just took me awhile to get to a proper scanner !!

Sailor Star Maker for Luna :3

Some Bright Side buttons! I’ll have them up in my webstore soon, along with a few other things.

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Some holiday gaiety :)

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Gappy’s apparent fishnet-like undershirt thing??



A few quick color studies.

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Just doodling around. Long hair ‘cause it’s cold. *shrug*

Hey, I finally finished my last backer reward illustration, so I figured I’d post all the ones that haven’t been on my blog yet. 

Here’s a link to my webstore where you can buy my book also: