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A somewhat old painting I finally got around to finishing recently.

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A drawing from a few months ago of Rohan wearing a sweater from Vera Wang’s Princess collection.

I’ll be at SPX in Bethesda next month with books and prints and original art and buttons galore! Drop by table f12a to say hi and buy some stuff :)

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Some queer girls in a tree. []

I’ve been drawing Meruem a lot lately and it’s starting to get embarassing.

Little preview of the new Bright Side arc I’ve been working on :)

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Long overdue fanart of Yajiro aka #1 frogbro.

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I haven’t really figured out whether I find Kite attractive or if I just really like his design and I feel kind of weird about it ??? He’s super fun to draw though.

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I appreciate classic fashion statements like denim jackets and live insects.

I keep letting myself get talked into watching shows that make me cry a lot.

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~beach attire~

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Drawing foliage calms me.

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I finally got around to catching up with Bob’s Burgers recently.

My favorite handsome man-rat.

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roses @_@