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The art blog of Melissa Mariko Kieselburg.
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My noodle chair. Plywood, dockline, and foam pool noodles. Fun fact: I found those noodles on the free shelf over the summer.

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My deer-legged chair. Mostly ash wood, with the hooves painted on with gouache, and then finished with a coat of danish oil.

Dean’s description: “I’m strong, but I’m also delicate”. 

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Hey look, I’m finally getting to work on my furniture project. This will be some upholstered rearrangeable seating units. It will be cool, I hope :)

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Today I learned that you can paint directly on wood with gouache and then go over it in Danish oil and it looks pretty good.

Showin’ off my legs. Process of a small chair I’m making.

Finished! Lounge chair based on Yumiko Kayukawa’s IZU ITTO MAI DODEXI (Is It My Body)

Friendship Chair

Requires two people for a proper sitting experience. 

This will be a lounge chair based on Yumiko Kayukawa’s IZU ITTO MAI DODEXI (Is It My Body)

Thought I’d post some of my older stuff onto the Tumblz. Here is a chair I made a few years ago. It is designed to fit the proportions of my body perfectly. It is a good chair for reading in. Currently, I am using the empty space underneath to store books.