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I drew this as a present for my aunt. I hope it’s not conceited to give a picture of my own character to someone as a gift. 

Sunflowers are a symbol of happiness and longevity. 

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Have a heart.

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Oh yeah, so I’m done with this comic now, aside from lettering, which will hopefully be done tonight. Just thought I’d share some bits since I’ve got it scanned now. I don’t know if I’ll upload the whole thing once it’s all done and together, or just select pages or panels or what. But here’s a panel from my first page.

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Whoops, that’s not robots.

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I just wanna paint robots, but I still have so many backgrounds to do.

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Painting backgrounds

The Bright Side volume 1 is now available for purchase on lulu!

2 years of comics in one full color book. Read online at

Big thanks to all my friends and fans who have been so supportive over the years. You guys are awesome!

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A panel from the most recent installment of my webcomic :)

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Here is the telescope/environment design I ended up on :)

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Environment study

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Paint study/promo image for Edit. Definitely need to do more environment studies and get a better handle on that neutral gray #3.

New character designs for Whys.

New senior project character studies for Ifs :)

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New stuff :)

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Some Bright Side process.