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Hey look, I finally posted my senior project. Not sure of the best way for this thing to live on the internet, but I’m giving it a shot. I’ll let you guys know when a book exists. The spreads will work a lot better. I’ll probably clean up and/or re-do most of the lettering before then, so if you have any qualms with the dialogue/story flow, now is the time to bring it up so I can fix it :)

All of the pages: 

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Oh yeah, so I’m done with this comic now, aside from lettering, which will hopefully be done tonight. Just thought I’d share some bits since I’ve got it scanned now. I don’t know if I’ll upload the whole thing once it’s all done and together, or just select pages or panels or what. But here’s a panel from my first page.

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So close…and yet…

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I decided to darken my darkest darks to a darker dark. It was a good decision I think.

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Wow this panel is taking forever, time for a break @_@

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I just wanna paint robots, but I still have so many backgrounds to do.

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More process

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Painting backgrounds

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Currently my favorite page.

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Haven’t posted in awhile, so I thought I’d share some progress.

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Here is the telescope/environment design I ended up on :)

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Telescope study #2

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Telescope study #1